Making a List, Checking it Twice

I have many (often conflicting) sides to my personality, but one thing remains constant: I am a list person.  I probably write about 1-3 lists per day for various things.  Should I ever find myself in the grocery store without a list, organized by each items location in the store, I’m paralyzed with fear.  It is not a pretty sight.  So…to start out the New Year in an organized fashion, I’ve compiled one of my beloved lists.  This one is an accounting of all my unfinished projects that I absolutely WILL complete next year.  I’ll also put these in a separate page for updating as I finish each one.
So far I have 8 forget-me-nots as I’ve come to call them, but I haven’t exactly scoured my sewing room so I wouldn’t be surprised if this list grows a bit.  For each of these items, I have purchased the fabric, the pattern, all notions required, and have already started sewing some of them!  But in my room they sit, all alone, forgotten and abandoned.  No more!
So here it is, in no particular order, my list of failures previously-started-projects, and a picture of how I imagine they’ll look once completed.
1.       White, long-sleeved mini dress – I bought the fabric for this one probably 2 years ago now, so this is my oldest UFO.
2.       Black faux-leather pleated mini-skirt – Flirty black leather skirts are my current obsession, so this might be one of the first to make its appearance!

3.       Purple wool crepe dress – I started this dress for a class that I took with couture dressmaker Susan Khalje.  I made a muslin and had two separate fitting sessions with Susan to get the fit just perfect.  Now I need to use that muslin to make the actual dress.
4.       Pencil Skirt – Mint green wool
5.       Pencil Skirt – Black & White Plaid…because one can never have too many pencil skirts, right?

6.       Grey & black jacket – Honestly, this is the one that I’m most terrified of.  Skirts and dresses are my forte.  Jackets are definitely out of my comfort zone, and this one has a few techniques that I’ve never used before.  It will be a challenge, but I know I will learn a lot, so I’m (timidly) looking forward to it.
7.       Red skirt – This one will take all of 10 minutes to complete.  It’s a simple elastic banded skirt with one seam and a hem.  I just haven’t taken those 10 minutes to actually do it yet!
8.       Green wrap dress – This is my second oldest forget-me-not.  I ordered the fabric from Mood Fabrics online and absolutely adore the color.

Now that I’ve written it all down, I can’t wait to start!  The Holiday season is always chaotic, but I might at least find time to make that red skirt…it IS perfect for Christmas after all

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