Why Wait for 2013?

I did it!  I must say that I never expected to mark an item off of my list so soon, but I finished a forget-me-not!
Granted, it was the 10-minute skirt but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere right?  Here is the final product on Elie, my dress form…named after one of my favorite designers, Elie Saab of course. 
The idea for making this skirt came about because my friends often tell me that they want to sew a garment and ask for my help.  When I saw a link to this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew it would be the perfect project for us.  This skirt is quick and easy.  No real measuring or sewing experience is needed, so it really is the perfect project for beginners. 
I ordered the fabric from Mood, which is one of my favorite fabric stores.  This particular skirt is made from a Lipstick/Metallic Red Plaid Boucle:
I also made one of these skirts out of red and beige wool, and honestly, it’s my favorite of the two.  
I’m pretty happy with how the skirt turned out and I’m thrilled that it’s done in time for the Holidays.  One project down, seven to go…

3 thoughts on “Why Wait for 2013?

  1. I love this skirt. I am also new to the world of blogging as well as sewing and fashion design and already am obsessed. I hope to be able to reach out to other fashionistas and sewing gurus to see what they are up to and get help as well. I really like your new blog. -Catja @ Gjeometry

  2. Thank you! I looked at your blog and I really like it! I started following you on Bloglovin and I'm excited to see your future projects. That skirt you made is beautiful! Welcome to the amazing world of sewing 🙂

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