Progress Report

I’m currently working on UFO #2: the black faux-leather pleated mini-skirt.

I purchased the leather-look fabric for this project in the clearance aisle.  I believe it’s actually vinyl and is intended for use in home decorating rather than self-decorating, but I’m taking a page from Tim Gunn’s handbook and I’m going to “make it work.”  If it turns out to be a success, I’ll find a better quality fabric and make a few more.  We’ll consider this my trial run.

I’m trying a new pleating method with this skirt.  Typically, I like to “wing it” with my pleats.  I’ll mark center front and sometimes quarter-marks on the fabric and fold the excess material in-between.  While this actually works very well, I wanted to have perfectly uniform pleats this time. 
Following the instruction of The Sewing Bible: A Modern Manual of Practical and Decorative Sewing Techniques, I took the time to mark 1.25″ guid lines on the back of the fabric.

The pleats are turning out beautifully, although this method uses much more fabric than I had anticipated.  I am going to have to cut the bottom half of the fabric off to use for more width…which means that I will certainly have a very mini skirt when I’m done. 

Time to locate my self confidence…I think I tucked it away when I started eating Holiday-worthy portions of carbs! 

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