New Beginnings

2013 is upon us, and I have to say I’m happy to see it!

This past year has had its ups and downs and has ended with some challenges…so I’m looking forward to the idea of a fresh start!  I’m counting on less stress, more focus, lots of laughter and new beginnings in the New Year!

When I drafted my first post a few weeks ago, I had no intention of doing anything with this blog until 2013 officially started.  It is, after all, meant to chronicle my ambitions for the New Year.  But I found that simply listing my goals in a public setting jump-started my motivation.  I’ve never been more excited to finish those old projects and start new ones!

I haven’t had a chance to work on my pleated skirt since I’ve been getting ready for our New Year’s celebrations.  Still, going into 2013 I’ve already marked one item off of my forget-me-not list, made several Christmas gifts, and am half-way through a second UFO.  Not too shabby!


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