In Progress – Seam Binding Issues

HELP!!  I need the advice and tips of you beautiful bloggers.

I am still getting the hang of seam finishes, and I often struggle with deciding which finishing technique to use on which fabric.  I noticed that Kristin from skirt as top serged the edges of her fabric…but alas, I do not own a serger.  I tried my overedge foot on a scrap, but that did not work at all on this chiffon-like silk.  It made the edges bunch up and get bulky…take a look

Bunchy and bulky...ewww
Bunchy and bulky…ewww

So I decided to try seam binding.  I’ve never used it before and have been wanting to give it a try.  When I tested it on a scrap, it turned out beautifully and went on pretty quickly.  But as soon as I started applying it to my actual garment, everything went South.

Bunching and wrinkling
I swear I'm not drunk...
I swear I’m not drunk…

See how uneven that seam is?!  When you use seam binding do you pin it in place first?  I tend to lose patience quickly when it comes to finishing, so I was hoping this would be a quick seam finishing.  Now I’m just not sure…

Please share your seam binding tips and tricks, or let me know if you think a different finishing technique would be better with this thin fabric.

In the meantime, I think it’s time for me to take a break and finish watching one of my favorite movies, Serenity.  Hopefully the title will rub off on me and my current frustrations…

Serenity (film)
Serenity (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 thoughts on “In Progress – Seam Binding Issues

  1. I’d try french seams. The hardest part about them is making sure that you remember to start with wrong sides together in the beginning. And also remembering not to overdo your seam allowances. There’s plenty of tutorials out there, I think Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons just did one too…

    1. I did consider French seams, but at this point it would be pretty difficult because I didn’t use standard seam allowances. I’m used to Susan Khalje’s method of using your stitching line as your guide so I don’t even trace seam allowances onto my pattern pieces anymore. I do think that would probably be the best finishing technique for this blouse, but I don’t have it in me to measure and cut seam allowances at this point…bummer. Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll have to make it a point to do that next time. I think I’ll keep trying to get the hang of seam binding for now, but it’s looking like you’re going to beat me in our race!! 🙂

  2. The easiest way would be to use pinking shears. It’s not necessarily the best way, but it’s quick and bulk-less.

    Instead of the overcast stitching, you could do another line of straight stitching closer to the edge. Maybe combine that with pinking shears.

    If you have enough fabric, you could do a rolled-hem on the seams. It would add some bulk, but it would give you the effect of french seams after the fact.

    If you don’t have a ton of seams, you might want to hand stitch a lace or silk ribbon binding.

    (I would probably use pinking shears)

  3. I know this was ages ago, but. . .
    Serenity!? I’m STILL upset about Wash! And the demise of Firefly in general. . . Always happy to find another fan 🙂

  4. I have no advice for you, but I LURVE Serenity and Firefly. I saw the movie before watching the series, so the Wash thing didn’t affect me the first time I watched it. The second time- I was inconsolable. I want to live in the future and be a space cowboy.

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