Award Season

Not to sound like a broken record, but you gals make me feel so lucky to be a part of your community – you’re welcoming and inspiring and just all around wonderful!  These blogging awards are such a fun way to share the love – and receiving one makes me feel like doing cartwheels down the hall.  I recently received two awards, so I wanted to do a quick post to answer questions, etc.

Amy at sewamysew nominated me for a Liebster Award!  Amy is one seriously creative and talented chick – just check out her Peony and her rockin’ Elvis print scout tee, two of my favorites!


I was also named in Brooke’s Very Inspiring Blogger post!  Brooke’s blog, Custom Style, is inspiring and always full of helpful tips and tricks.  In her most recent post she shares where to find her favorite (affordable!) tracing paper – go check it out!


Since I did a Liebster post not long ago where I nominated other blogs, I thought I would just quickly answer Amy’s questions – because that’s such a fun part of this whole process!  And don’t forget to check out Amy’s post to find some really fantastic blogs that you might now know about yet.

Amy’s questions were:

1. Why do you sew?

Two big reasons: 1) I love the alone time that sewing offers.  It’s such a great way to unwind and de-stress.  2) I’ve developed expensive taste in RTW clothing.  Sewing gives me the opportunity to take inspiration from big designers and create my own, customized, affordable version of those garments.

2. What gets in the way of your sewing time?

Being a wife and having a full-time job definitely cuts into my sewing time.  Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, errands….I honestly can’t remember the last day that I didn’t leave the house at least once to run some sort of errand.  I need to plan ahead so I can have an un-interrupted day of sewing soon.  I deserve it by golly!

3. What is in the background when you sew?

Either Pandora radio or reruns of a TV show or movie that I’ve watched a million times so I won’t be distracted – Firefly reruns are most common.  Shiny!

4. Project you are most proud of?

Until a couple of weeks ago, this would have been my Settle Down dress.  Now it’s my Mom’s housecoat.  I love using vintage patterns and this one fit Mom like a dream without any alterations at all!  I loved getting to use two coordinating fabrics, and those sleeves were gorgeous…it just turned out exactly as I had envisioned, which is not always the case.


5. Biggest project fail?

Faux leather skirt.  Leather-printed upholstery weight vinyl forced into tons of pleats…enough said.  I still can’t believe I talked myself through this entire project, refusing to admit defeat until the very end.  Aye!

6. Tea or coffee?

I’m assuming we’re talking hot beverages here, so COFFEE.  I can’t survive without my morning cup-a-joe.  I never developed a taste for hot tea, but being a Texas girl, I was raised on sweet iced tea!

7. Sewing aspirations or goals?

Better seam finishes.  I always rush through seam finishes because they just don’t interest me – then I hate that they’re not done properly.  But…if I were to be completely honest here…my REAL sewing aspiration is to make an exquisite, intricate evening gown.  That’s what really gets me excited and inspired…I just have no need for one so that will have to wait!

8. Favourite tool?

The waxed tracing paper that Susan Khalje mentions in her Couture Dress craftsy class.  I always hated tracing paper until I found this stuff – it’s a dream to work with.

9. Favourite pattern?

This is a tough one.  I’ve never made the same pattern twice so I can’t say I have a “go-to” pattern.  I really enjoyed making the Sonja dress and the Minna blouse though, and I intend to revisit both of these patterns in the future.

10. Describe a happy memory that tells us a bit about you?

The first thing that comes to mind isn’t one particular memory, but a collection of them: memories of my childhood, growing up in the country: spending my days climbing trees and riding horses and playing outside with my brother – never hearing traffic or police sirens, just birds chirping.  I didn’t know how lucky I was back then!

11. Who do you want to win The Great British Sewing Bee final next week????

Yikes!  Since I’m so late in answering this one, I suppose I should say Ann 🙂  I did grow very fond of Ann – how could you not???  But Lauren’s accent had me entranced, so I was honestly rooting for her after Tilly went home.


Now, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules are:

  • Display award image on your blog page
  • Link back to the person who nominated you – go to Brooke’s blog, Custom Style, now – GO GO GO!  You’ll be so glad you did!
  • State 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award – I’m going to send you to my Liebster post and my blogroll on the side of this page for great blogs.  I don’t want to single out 15 because I follow so many more than that and they are all inspiring!  (yes, I realize this makes me a chicken and no fun at all, and I’m ok with that)

Ok, 7 facts about little old moi:

  1. I am ambidextrous.  I write left-handed…sports-related actions are done right-handed…I can sew, paint my nails and apply makeup with both hands.  It’s a quirk that definitely comes in handy!
  2. My parents had always planned to name me Kacie, but when I was born they suddenly changed their minds.  I spent the first two months of my life as Kelly Renee before they decided it just didn’t fit, so they had my name legally changed back to their original plan.
  3. My hometown has a population of 1,500 people.  We have one stop sign, a post office, and a general store which is now quite famous for their steak dinners on weekends.
  4. I now live in Houston, the most heavily populated city in Texas and the fourth most populous city in the United States!  Culture shock much?
  5. When I was a child, I had a pet sugarglider named Clairie.
  6. Growing up I basically watched two types of movies: black and white musicals with my Mom, and westerns with my Dad.  My friends are constantly disappointed at famous movie references from my childhood years that I should know, but don’t.  I’m constantly disappointed that they don’t know who Ginger Rogers is….
  7. I’m runway trend shy.  It takes years for me to jump on the bandwagon for trends, and some I’ll never accept – rompers, for example.  After the age of three, the only one-piece outfit I’ll be wearing is a dress, thank you.

Whew that was more difficult than I expected.  Thank you again Amy and Brooke for naming me in your award posts – you girls are fantastic and I am THRILLED that you like T&C!

Quick progress report: My Elisalex is finished and just needs to be photographed.  I have two Laurels that are half-way done (but won’t be finished in time for the contest, drats!) and I’ve purchased the fabric for my Gatsby dress.  Keep an eye out for these posts soon!