Great Gatsby! Who Made Your Dress?!

What?  This old thing?  

1920's Glamour

Because I have infinite amounts of time and can spend all day every day doing exactly as I please, I’ve decided to join in the Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge hosted by Miss Crayola Creepy.


In case you didn’t detect my sarcasm, I have zero time to do this.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  But I’m sure going to try anyway!

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I spent all weekend working on my Mom’s robe, and I’m still not finished.  I grossly underestimated the amount of hand-stitching that is required to make this garment fit for royalty – because my Mom is most definitely royalty.  She’s the most exquisite woman I’ve ever known.

So, this week will be spent fell-stitching, slip-stitching, and catch-stitching.  At some point I’ll have to make time to finish altering my Elisalex and hem it so I can wear it to a wedding on Saturday. 

Then of course there’s the Laurel sewing contest – I’m hoping to get that done on Sunday.  That should be a pretty quick make.

I was hoping to make a scout tee and maybe even a tiny pocket tank before our vacation, but those plans might have to be scrapped.  (It’s link city up in here today!)

THEN and only then will I be able to switch gears and move back in time to the roaring 20s.

I have always been drawn to beaded fabrics, so I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to incorporate some hand-beading into my sewing!  And I’ll have plenty of time for it on our 10 hour plane trips…

I have an inspiration pinboard going if you want to see the direction I’m headed.  I’m thinking I’ll use this pattern:

 Great Gatsby

And fabric and beading inspired by this dress:

Summer Glau in a Sue Wong Dress
Summer Glau in a Sue Wong Dress

Sue Wong Art Deco Dress

I do realize that I am probably biting off more than an army could chew in the matter of hand-beading…my very first hand-beading experience no less.  But, have you tried to squash moments of great inspiration?  It’s practically impossible.

Stephanie at Mabel Makes and I have decided that we should have a virtual speakeasy party to show off our new dresses!  Anyone want to join us?  Any ideas on exactly how that should work?  Should we all agree on a date and each throw our own speakeasy party, then post the photos on our blogs?  Anyway…that idea needs some work so please pitch in!