In Progress – Seam Binding Issues

HELP!!  I need the advice and tips of you beautiful bloggers.

I am still getting the hang of seam finishes, and I often struggle with deciding which finishing technique to use on which fabric.  I noticed that Kristin from skirt as top serged the edges of her fabric…but alas, I do not own a serger.  I tried my overedge foot on a scrap, but that did not work at all on this chiffon-like silk.  It made the edges bunch up and get bulky…take a look

Bunchy and bulky...ewww
Bunchy and bulky…ewww

So I decided to try seam binding.  I’ve never used it before and have been wanting to give it a try.  When I tested it on a scrap, it turned out beautifully and went on pretty quickly.  But as soon as I started applying it to my actual garment, everything went South.

Bunching and wrinkling
I swear I'm not drunk...
I swear I’m not drunk…

See how uneven that seam is?!  When you use seam binding do you pin it in place first?  I tend to lose patience quickly when it comes to finishing, so I was hoping this would be a quick seam finishing.  Now I’m just not sure…

Please share your seam binding tips and tricks, or let me know if you think a different finishing technique would be better with this thin fabric.

In the meantime, I think it’s time for me to take a break and finish watching one of my favorite movies, Serenity.  Hopefully the title will rub off on me and my current frustrations…

Serenity (film)
Serenity (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)