Planning Makes Perfect

I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE to plan things – making lists, thinking through a project and deciding on the best steps to take – it makes me positively giddy!  I never start a project without plotting it out first.

I have a pretty organized way of planning my sewing projects.  I’m not a sticky note kind of gal when it comes to my project prep.  No, no…I have my very own official Thimble & Cork Sewing Planner!


I discovered MayBooks from Pinterest not long ago, so I designed two books: a T&C sewing planner with grid paper, and a 2013 calendar.  These are the coolest little notebooks.  They are small enough that they both fit in my purse without adding any bulk, so I have them with me at all times.  And the binding is actually sewn!  I love that little touch.


I create a new page for each new project.  On it, I’ll attach a swatch of my fabric so I’m never caught guessing at thread or zipper color when I’m at the fabric store.


I’ll take notes regarding the fabric that I’m using, notions that I need to buy, measurement calculations, ideas, and sometimes a to-do list for finishing the garment.  Like I said, I love my lists!


Having everything written out gets me excited about the possibilities for a new project.  I don’t think I could ever start a garment without adding it to my little book of ideas!


Are you a planner when it comes to sewing?  Or do you forge ahead fearlessly on a whim?  Do tell!