Happy Birthday Mom!

This weekend I visited my parents and was finally able to give my Mom her birthday gift!


I made her a 1940’s housecoat using Advance 2170.  This was originally intended as a Christmas gift, which is why it’s such an awfully WARM housecoat.  But, both my Mom and I constantly run on the cold end of the spectrum, so I’m sure she’ll still get some use out of it before the 100 degree summer days hit.


Mom and Dad are retired and live on several acres of land.  They love to spend their mornings drinking coffee on the porch, watching the wildlife in their backyard – they seriously have a little piece of Texas heaven.  Mom always wears a housecoat on these mornings, so I decided it would be nice to give her a fancy vintage one.  I inherited my love of the 1930’s and 1940’s from her, after all.


This project took much longer than anticipated – mostly because I decided to hand-stitch the entire lining into place!!  But I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  I seem to do my best work when sewing for others.



Check out the pleated sleeves!  That’s my favorite detail – and Mom and Dad’s too.  Dad ooh’d and aah’d over Mom in her new housecoat a little bit 🙂  She does look elegant, does she not?


My husband had the sweetest suggestion – I should hide a note to Mom in the robe.  It was originally going to be hidden in the lining, sort of as a secret blessing/wish for her.  But…I forgot!  In the end, we decided it would go inside the pocket, just stitched across the top so she could pull it out and read it whenever she wanted.  Mom was so touched by that little note – it made this gift even more special to her.



She adores her robe, and I’m so happy that I got to make something for her that makes her feel special.  She IS the most incredible person I’ve ever known after all!